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Centered around a strong digital platform, a community of financial engineers, and
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Wealth Accelerator

Wantage One is based upon the idea that trading should be accessible and easy to maneuver.

We employ the use of our highly technological AI-Trading bot, Albie, who is analyzing data and trading 24/7. The Albie works to find the best possible trading solution for your specified investment and package.

Next, we have implemented a modification tool that allows members to seamlessly convert FIAT currencies into Bitcoin.

Lastly, due to variable market behaviors, Wantage One has teamed up with Wellmont Capital, a private European bank specializing in cryptocurrencies, in an underwriting agreement. This means that your investment is safe and guaranteed regardless of market fluctuations.

investment portfolio

When members purchase a Wantage One package, they are automatically granted access to their very own account where they can begin to build their investment portfolio.

Supported by Wellmont Capital’s e-wallet, users have a platform in which they can check in and monitor their current funds. The functionalities of the wallet include: trading capital, executing a deal, or withdrawing earnings.

staying connected

The methodology of our Insights program is basically “trading simplified”. We believe in keeping our members updated in current market trends, behaviors, and performances so they can learn how to invest smarter. This tool enables our members to become market experts without the corporate finance degree.